Can You Store Uncorked White Wine?

You can store uncorked white wine, usually up to five days if you keep it in a fridge. You may use your regular refrigerator or a wine fridge. A regular fridge should not be set at its coolest because the temperature will drop below six degrees Celsius and that is not good for whites. A wine fridge will cost you a few hundred dollars but it is worthwhile if you are a connoisseur. Continue reading Can You Store Uncorked White Wine?

The Right Way to Serve and Drink Sparkling Wine

There are some dos and don’ts pertaining to serving sparkling wine. You can do as you like but then you may not have the most satiating experience. The first step is to refrigerate the bottle you have purchased. Do not let it get warm. Put it in the fridge immediately after you get home. If it is winter and the temperature is well below ten degrees Celsius, then you have some time to spare. It is necessary to refrigerate sparkling wine in winter too as the temperature outside will fluctuate. Such wines do not fare well in fluctuating temperatures. Continue reading The Right Way to Serve and Drink Sparkling Wine

How to Store Red Wine

Red wine does not have to be refrigerated. There is not exact temperature for all red wines. Most experts agree that sixty to sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit or sixteen to twenty degrees Celsius is the best range. Some reds may have to be refrigerated but only if you are certain and have been recommended so by the winemaker. You can safely store reds in a dry and cool place that is well shielded from sunlight. You should not keep reds in any place that gets exposed to direct sunlight. You should also avoid any exposure to indirect sunlight. This is why most people prefer to keep wines in their basement or inside a cabinet. Continue reading How to Store Red Wine

A Beginner’s Guide to Fine Wine

Buying and tasting wine is a lot of fun, but it requires a little knowledge about the subject to do that with any confidence or certainty. What follows is a concise beginner’s guide to fine wine, by no means an exhaustive expose on vino. However, the information contained within will at least help you navigate through your options. Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Fine Wine

How to Find the Best Wine Offers

Wine offers aren’t hard to come by. In today’s market, most winemakers will do just about anything to capture the attention of a consumer. Unfortunately, that sometimes results in low quality wine specimen and/or a general distrust for even the most reputable names. It’s much easier to find great wine offers that include high-quality bottles when you know where to look. Continue reading How to Find the Best Wine Offers

Buy a New Type of Wine Online

If you like Italian wine, then you may have tried Prosecco. If you are someone who loves reds, then you may have tasted Chianti. The sparkling Prosecco and the elegant Chianti are well known wines. They need little or no introduction. But many people do not know much about Italian wine beyond these two. There is sufficient awareness about French wines here in the UK, but Italian wine is mystified, partly owing to complicated classification and the lack of substantive marketing. There are scores of wines and many are much more affordable than the well-known ones that are waiting for your perusal. The next time you buy wine online, look for one of these. Continue reading Buy a New Type of Wine Online

The Reality of Decanting a Sparkling Wine

Traditionally and historically, decanting has been a process largely limited to red wines. Many strong white wines are decanted. Some wines that are not too strong are decanted to allow the trapped aromas to blossom and be more than just a subtle sensory experience. In recent years, sparkling wine is being decanted. The finest champagnes from France or the most expensive sparkling wines from Italy, such as premium prosecco or the treasured bottles from California, are still not decanted. The decision is the discretion of a sommelier. It is the job of a sommelier to know if a particular bottle or type of sparkling wine needs to be decanted. However, what are you supposed to do when you are at your home and there is no one to tell you if a bottle of sparkling wine should be decanted or you can raise a toast immediately after uncorking it. Continue reading The Reality of Decanting a Sparkling Wine