How to Find the Best Wine for your Palate

You will hear most people say that wine is an acquired taste. Even connoisseurs who are really serious about their wining often endorse this belief. Wine is not an acquired taste. It does require some familiarity for anyone to appreciate the finer nuances of different types of wine. However, you can like one wine and dislike another. This does not reflect on how familiar you are with different wines. Those who drink nothing but wine have a long list of variants that they don’t like. Most people have a shortlist of wines they would like on any given day, or evening. Continue reading How to Find the Best Wine for your Palate

Should you Decant a White Wine?

Decanting is a process used to allow the sediment in aged wines to settle down.

The practice dates back to Ancient Rome. Even then, they used glass decanters, not very different from the ones we use today. However, the contemporary decanters have stoppers which we can use to control how much aeration we would like. These stoppers date back to decanters made by the British in the eighteenth century. Continue reading Should you Decant a White Wine?