Always Choose Mixed Cases of Red Wine

You may buy cases of red wine or white wine. You may go for a mixed case. Some people recommend a safe combination of two sparkling wines, five red wines and five white wines. Many people play it safer by going for two or three bold reds and the other reds being milder, two or three soft whites and the other whites being bolder and the sparkling wines can be your favourites. The reason why such a balance is recommended is rather simple as you would not have deal with disliking a wine and living with the spent money. You would also be able to avoid a situation where in a bottle has to be discarded. Continue reading Always Choose Mixed Cases of Red Wine

How to Choose the Best Wine Offers

There is no dearth of wine offers apparently. There is a dearth of really good wine offers. The bestselling wines will rarely be a steal. You cannot hope for bargains when a particular variety of wine, a certain blend or a specific year of production, is in huge demand. You will find that most wine offers are promoting brands, varieties and years that are largely unheard of or not so popular among connoisseurs. This is your first criterion while assessing such offers. You need relevant offers, not any promotional discount that does not offer you a great wine. Continue reading How to Choose the Best Wine Offers