Contemporary Facts about Italian Wine

France has dominated the wine scene for several decades. Spain came a close second, but Italy was languishing until recently despite being an older wine producing region than both its western neighbours. Italian wine was brought to France by the Romans. France flourished in the modern times and started making what went on to become classics. As French wine was being celebrated around the world throughout much of the twentieth century, Italian wine was more rustic and obviously cheaper. All that changed in the sixties and by the end of the century, Italian wine was as respected as its French and Spanish counterparts. Continue reading Contemporary Facts about Italian Wine

Are you Searching for some Affordable Italian Wine?

Fine Italian wine is expensive. You may be in love with the premium wines from Tuscany, Piedmont or Central Italy but all of them will cause a small dent in your wallet. Whether we talk about the likes of Chianti, Sangiovese, Brunello or Barbaresco and Barolo, none of them are affordable for ordinary Britons. There are of course the inferior variants from these parts of Italy, but they are not even remotely pleasant. If you have tasted any of these amazing wines, then you will detest the cheaper variants. The only way you can get some affordable Italian wine is if you head southward. Continue reading Are you Searching for some Affordable Italian Wine?