How to Store Red Wine

Red wine does not have to be refrigerated. There is not exact temperature for all red wines. Most experts agree that sixty to sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit or sixteen to twenty degrees Celsius is the best range. Some reds may have to be refrigerated but only if you are certain and have been recommended so by the winemaker. You can safely store reds in a dry and cool place that is well shielded from sunlight. You should not keep reds in any place that gets exposed to direct sunlight. You should also avoid any exposure to indirect sunlight. This is why most people prefer to keep wines in their basement or inside a cabinet. Continue reading How to Store Red Wine

Should you Decant a Red Wine?

Some red wines should always be decanted. Others don’t really need decanting but you may consider it for a few specific reasons. Decanting is a process that allows the sediments in red wine to settle down. Decanting is an age old practice. The basic concept has remained unchanged for centuries. The vessel we use to decant wines today has also remained the same for over three hundred years. Let us quickly discuss the basics of decanting a red wine. Continue reading Should you Decant a Red Wine?