Everything you need to know about Wine Delivery

You can get free wine delivery provided you are buying a case. Not many stores will offer free shipping if you buy only one bottle, unless it is an expensive vintage. Many people buy wine by the case to save on shipping. Many prefer to pick up their wines after purchasing them online. You can definitely click and collect or get the wines shipped to a convenient spot where you can pick up your goodies. Regardless of how you wish to approach wine delivery, you have to factor in some costs or conveyance.

There are subscription models that include the cost of wine delivery. Some stores will reduce the cost of shipping for regular shoppers. A few stores will provide you more than one option of shipping. For instance, expedited shipping usually costs much more. Shoppers often need expedited shipping if they cannot wait for five days or a week for the wines to be delivered. Expedited shipping is usually steadfast and the wines get shipped in a day and within a maximum period of forty eight hours. It is not uncommon for wines to be actually delivered at the provided address in three days. Distance does matter in such scenarios.

You should not only provide an accurate address but make sure you check if you are in a dry postcode. There are many dry postcode’s in some area’s in the states, most notably in New Hampshire, Idaho, Florida and Alaska. Some companies will clearly tell you that they cannot ship their wines to these postcodes. If you do not live in a dry zip code then you need not worry about it. The cost of wine delivery may or may not vary from state to state. It depends mostly on the shipping policy of the company and the choice of courier.

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