How to Find the Best Wine for your Palate

You will hear most people say that wine is an acquired taste. Even connoisseurs who are really serious about their wining often endorse this belief. Wine is not an acquired taste. It does require some familiarity for anyone to appreciate the finer nuances of different types of wine. However, you can like one wine and dislike another. This does not reflect on how familiar you are with different wines. Those who drink nothing but wine have a long list of variants that they don’t like. Most people have a shortlist of wines they would like on any given day, or evening.

You have to find the best wine for your palate. Whiskey or whisky drinkers have their favourites too. Not everyone loves bourbon. Some people like single malts but not blended scotch. Likewise, some people love red wine while some love white wine. There are many who like sparkling wine and as surprising as it may sound to some people, there are many who don’t like champagne. You have to indulge in a bit of experimentation to find the best wine for your palate. You would never know until you have tasted a reasonably wide variety of wines. Fortunately, there are wine offers you can consider and you can get some serious discounts on many varieties. Wining does not have to be an expensive adventure unless you want to pick up some of the most popular bottles of certain years.

The simple trick to find the best wine for your palate is to understand the type of grape you like the most and the compositions that suit your preference. You will find wines branded as per the grape they are made of. There are distinct varieties of grape used for red and white. Within the ambit of red and white, there are many types of grapes. Most wines will have one primary grape. This would constitute as much as 85% of the composition of the wine. Thus, it is quite easy to find out which grape you like the most. What you should also focus on is the other ingredients, including grapes. Many wines use more than one grape and we are not talking about blends. Even those that are not marketed or branded as combination or blend of two or more grapes will have nominal proportions of certain varieties. Knowing this will enable you to understand if you have a particular preference or dislike for some varieties.

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