How to Find the Best Wine Offers

Wine offers aren’t hard to come by. In today’s market, most winemakers will do just about anything to capture the attention of a consumer. Unfortunately, that sometimes results in low quality wine specimen and/or a general distrust for even the most reputable names. It’s much easier to find great wine offers that include high-quality bottles when you know where to look.

The Top 3 Spots for Awesome Wine Offers

If you’re looking for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly samples and supplies of your favourite wines, then shopping around is a good idea. Below are the top three places you’ll most likely find the best deals:

1. Online

Search online for popular wine offers to quickly compare prices, bottle quality, and selection. You should be able to specify the types of wine you’re most interested in, plus you can sometimes customise your shipment to include an unfamiliar bottle at a discounted price.

2. Memberships

Joining a wine-lovers group or signing up for newsletters, magazine subscriptions, and email updates is a surefire way to gain insight on the latest and greatest wine offers, both online and (often times) directly from the vineyard. Certain memberships come with perks like product discounts, tours and exclusive access to wine premiers.
TIP: Visiting your favourite brand’s website is one way to discover good wine offers but getting your information and supply from a secondary source is sometimes more money-saving and educational.

3. Word-of-Mouth

Once you develop a love for fine wine it’s natural to start talking about it a lot. This may help you form relationships with other sommeliers who can give you insider information about popular wine offers as well as introduce you to up-and-coming oenologists.
How to Tell If Those Wine Offers Are Worth It
Keep in mind that not all wine offers are created equally, even those that include some of the same bottles. Before spending any money, be sure to ask yourself the following 5 questions to determine the quality of the offer:

1. Is there are wide variety of wine types to choose from?
2. Do the wines originate from various regions?
3. Are the bottle quantities limited?
4. Do I get any discounts if I buy my wine in bulk?
5. If I sign up for a membership or subscription, are there any purchasing perks?

Remain diligent when shopping for wine deals and remember: you’ll likely always get what you pay for.

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