How to Serve Prosecco Wine

Prosecco wine should be served chilled. It does not have to be very cold. The temperature of the wine when brought out of the fridge or its cool storage should be between ten to fifteen degrees Celsius. The wine should taste fine even if the temperature is up to twenty degrees. It is best to use some ice to keep the bottle cool as you indulge in every sip. Do not add ice to the sparkling wine.


Ice cubes will ruin the aroma and flavor of the wine. If you have stored the wine in a regular fridge and the temperature is at six degrees or below when the bottle is brought out, then let it be for a while so the wine warms up a little. Drinking the wine when it is well below ten degrees can feel quite cold and not many people prefer that taste.


Prosecco wine is a popular aperitif. You can combine it with a plethora of foods or snacks. You can serve the wine with some porcini, radish, asparagus, game, cheese, cured meats, prosciutto, sardines, artichoke hearts and anchovies. You may go for salami, sashimi or sushi. Shellfish and seafood, veal, duck, veal and chicken go well with the sparkling wine. Pasta and risotto are also suitable accompaniments. You can also have some dessert with the wine. Tarts and meringues are ideal. You may prefer some dark chocolate, poached pears, strawberries and red berries.


Prosecco can be served as cocktails. The sparkling wine is a good base for different types of cocktails, especially aperitifs, palate cleansers, digestifs and spritzers. You can experiment with some recipes of your own. However, you must have the right type of Prosecco wine for yoru cocktails. Be aware of the differences between dry and extra dry or brut and sweetened variants.

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