Are you Searching for some Affordable Italian Wine?

Fine Italian wine is expensive. You may be in love with the premium wines from Tuscany, Piedmont or Central Italy but all of them will cause a small dent in your wallet. Whether we talk about the likes of Chianti, Sangiovese, Brunello or Barbaresco and Barolo, none of them are affordable for ordinary Britons. There are of course the inferior variants from these parts of Italy, but they are not even remotely pleasant. If you have tasted any of these amazing wines, then you will detest the cheaper variants. The only way you can get some affordable Italian wine is if you head southward. Continue reading Are you Searching for some Affordable Italian Wine?

Shop for the Best Prosecco Offers

Connoisseurs of sparkling wine will be drawn towards Prosecco. If you treasure your reds, whites and roses, then you will celebrate your Prosecco and spend some considerable time and money to find the best bottles. Even the best wines in the world have their inferior variants. It is not like whiskey, scotch or single malt that is consistent year after year. Wines are heavily dependent on the quality of grapes and there is no guarantee that a particular year for a specific wine-growing region will be as productive or rewarding as another. Just as you should shop for the best sparkling wine, you must also explore the virtual world for the best Prosecco offers. Continue reading Shop for the Best Prosecco Offers

The Most Important Reason Why You Should Buy Wine Online

You can buy wine online from the comfort of your home. You will have the wine delivered to your doorstep. You may get some amazing prices and you might also get free shipping or delivery. It is not just the convenience that should encourage you to buy wine online. It is also the availability. Not all wine stores across the country will have the type of wine you want. Online stores will not have the problem of accessibility. People living in London may still get around to stores that have every popular and innumerable lesser known wines from around the world. Those living far from metropolises or cities do not have this luxury. Yet, it is not the accessibility or availability that is the most important reason why you should buy wine online. Continue reading The Most Important Reason Why You Should Buy Wine Online

Get Familiar with French Wine

French wine is considered to be one of the best in the world. Some of the wines produced in France are the most expensive. However, France is not the leading producer of wine right now. Italy produces much more every year, albeit not all variants are of great quality. If you are not familiar with French wine, then everything from the terms they use on their labels to the common types will be quite perplexing. Here is a brief guide to help you get started. Continue reading Get Familiar with French Wine

Don’t Fret about Age when you Buy Wine

You must have encountered the constant chatter about the great quality of aged wine. No one really defines this greatness. There are no metrics available to assess this greatness or the quality. Wining is always a subjective experience. Your likes may be dislikes for another connoisseur. Hence, you should always focus on your preferences instead of fretting about age when you buy wine. Let us debunk this whole concept of old or aged wine once and for all. Continue reading Don’t Fret about Age when you Buy Wine

Can a Subscription get you the Best Wine Deals?

Whether you have just embarked on a journey to become a connoisseur or you are one already, you are perhaps aware of wine subscriptions. If you are not, then a quick search will show you how many there are.There is no dearth of wine deals available today, both offline and online. You can buy cases of wine and get a generous discount. There are perennial discounts on many brands but they may not be too exciting. You can rely on stock clearance sales to get some steals. You may also go for special bottles of wines that come at markdown prices. If you want a sustained supply of great wines at good prices, then you may want to consider a subscription. Continue reading Can a Subscription get you the Best Wine Deals?

Always Choose Mixed Cases of Red Wine

You may buy cases of red wine or white wine. You may go for a mixed case. Some people recommend a safe combination of two sparkling wines, five red wines and five white wines. Many people play it safer by going for two or three bold reds and the other reds being milder, two or three soft whites and the other whites being bolder and the sparkling wines can be your favourites. The reason why such a balance is recommended is rather simple as you would not have deal with disliking a wine and living with the spent money. You would also be able to avoid a situation where in a bottle has to be discarded. Continue reading Always Choose Mixed Cases of Red Wine

How to Choose the Best Wine Offers

There is no dearth of wine offers apparently. There is a dearth of really good wine offers. The bestselling wines will rarely be a steal. You cannot hope for bargains when a particular variety of wine, a certain blend or a specific year of production, is in huge demand. You will find that most wine offers are promoting brands, varieties and years that are largely unheard of or not so popular among connoisseurs. This is your first criterion while assessing such offers. You need relevant offers, not any promotional discount that does not offer you a great wine. Continue reading How to Choose the Best Wine Offers

Varying Qualities of Prosecco Wine

You may be aware that Prosecco wine can be dry, extra dry or brut. There are other variants as well. The sweetness and dryness are not the only two differentiating characteristics. The quality of Prosecco wine depends on the actual type of Glera grape grown in the nine different provinces of northeastern Italy. Prosecco is a sparkling wine but there is a still variant as well. Not every Prosecco wine is equally bubbly. The fizz does vary greatly. There are also different winegrowing regions within the provinces that are recognised for Prosecco wine. Continue reading Varying Qualities of Prosecco Wine

Top five French wines and vineyards

French wine is some of the best in the world, but if you are like many, your knowledge of French vineyards stops and ends with Champagne. So let me help you. Below are my pick of the top five French vineyards currently producing some of the ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>best French wine on the market. Continue reading Top five French wines and vineyards