The Right Way to Serve and Drink Sparkling Wine

There are some dos and don’ts pertaining to serving sparkling wine. You can do as you like but then you may not have the most satiating experience. The first step is to refrigerate the bottle you have purchased. Do not let it get warm. Put it in the fridge immediately after you get home. If it is winter and the temperature is well below ten degrees Celsius, then you have some time to spare. It is necessary to refrigerate sparkling wine in winter too as the temperature outside will fluctuate. Such wines do not fare well in fluctuating temperatures.

You must serve it chilled but not freezing cold. Some people prefer the wine to get a little warmer but the bottle should not be exposed to any heat. It is imperative to keep the bottle in some ice if it is hot outside. You may not do this if the ambient temperature is around ten or up to fifteen degrees Celsius. Since sparkling varieties are preferred during summer, the bottles must be kept chilled throughout. You should not add ice as it will ruin the wine. Sparkling variants do not need any dilution. They are anyway not as bold as reds. They may be sweetened or not. Regardless of the variety you have chosen or the brand, you should not add any ice at all.

You should hold the wine glass or the goblet by the stem. You must not hold the bowl or place the base of the bowl on your palm. You do not want any body heat to warm up the wine. Sparkling wine does not taste good when it gets warm. It actually tastes bad. Even the finest sparkling varieties need to be served chilled and the drink should remain cool till the last drop is poured.

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